Course E - Learn Jumping

Transitions, Popping, basic Jumps and high Jumps

Prerequisites - Your level of
kitESURFING before you enter this course:

Your rider level will be assessed at the beginning of the course. It is in your own best interest to assign yourself to the correct course at the correct level.

Before booking this course you should be able to perform water starts and ride comfortably in both directions. You should also be able to stay and tack upwind. You should feel fairly comfortable, safe and independent, then this is the right course for you.

What you will learn and the kitesurfing course breakdown


You definitely take the right step to take some days lessons to lay the foundation for jumping - many kitesurfers don't and hence they sadly never get over the level of small, odd-looking "hops".

Even in only half a course E, within 5 days, we can achieve a lot, at least showing you the right movements for jumping. This is very important, not that you learn the wrong movements, which are later very difficult to unlearn.


After this course you will be totally independent and comfortable as a kitesurfer. You will be able to kite in most kitesurfing locations in the world and perform jumps. People will respect your skills and spectators will enjoy watching you.


We make use of a selection of the following training methods in Our Kiteboarding courseS

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Learn to Kitesurf - Kitesurfing Beginners Course Cape Town

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