Refresher Kitesurfing Lessons - in Table View / Cape Town / Langebaan

if you had a beginner kitesurfing course in the past


Our cheap special offer: R 390 per hour

including equipment

These refresher lessons also prepare you for our KITEKAHUNAS Downwind Camp Freeride - on which you can perfect your riding skills for little money

Prerequisites - Your level of
kitESURFING before you enter these lessons:

Before booking these refresher kitesurfing lessons you should have completed a kitesurfing beginners course in the past, during the last 10 years. You should have then learned the basic theory, how to set up a kite, basic kite flying skills, downwind bodydragging and upwind bodydragging, land and launch a kite, water relaunch, self-rescue and possibly waterstart. This however was long in the past and you cannot remember everything, so these refresher kitesurfing lessons are right for you.

1 hour or 2 hours or 4 hours refresher kitesurfing course:

All equipment is included. If you have your own equipment, please bring it and we will assess, if you can safely use it.

The refresher kitesurfing course is a cheap way to refresh your kitesurfing skills and theoretical knowledge, which you have acquired in the past during a kitesurfing beginners course. The course location will either be on the beach in front of our kitesurfing school at the traffic circle in Table View, or if you bring your own (or rented) car, we are flexible to go to a possibly more suitable location, depending on wind, waves and weather.


What you will learn

The content of the refresher kitesurfing lessons is to check, if you have learned and still know the content of kitesurfing beginners course A. Also to prepare you to safely go on the Ocean for further practicing. Possibly to prepare you to participate in our Kitesurfing Downwind Camp Freeride, which is inexpensive and for cheap money you can further practice your riding and kitesurfing skills there.

We teach in private lessons or small 2 people group lessons per instructor (1:2). This is important for proper learning and your safety.


Price for the cheap refresher kitesurfing lessons in cape town

The price is only R 390,- per hour including all equipment.



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