Course A - Kitesurfing Beginners Course A in Cape Town/ Langebaan

Introduction to kitesurfing & getting on the board
- 3 days standard kitesurfing course


- Course module A: 3 days, 4 hours teaching per day = 12 hours (be careful: other schools often do only 8-10h)
- No prerequisites. The course ends with your first water start
- Private lessons, or a small 2-people group
- Equipment included
- Safe shallow water conditions, no waves
- Price from EUR 399 per person / ZAR 5 599 for SA residents

Now available: We have re-designed and fundamentally improved our kitesurfing beginner courses:

kitesurfing lessons

Below is the outdated information, describing our old beginner courses.

IMPORTANT: For kitesurfing beginners we recommend our 15-days intensive A+B+C+D kitesurfing beginners crash course .. not only to get you just on the board, but to make you a fully independent kitesurfer, so that you can kitesurf properly anywhere. It combines the standard 3-days kitesurfing course A (similar like the German VDWS, British BKSA advise it, just more comprehensive, because we need to prepare you for the next course modules) with our advanced kitesurfing course module B+C+D (2+5+5 days). On this page you find the description of the standard 3 days kitesurfing course A. On the next page you see the description of kitesurfing course B+C+D.

Prerequisites - Your level of
kitesurfing before you enter this course:

You should be able to swim and have an at least average fitness level.


The goal of course A, and what you can do after this course:

The goal of Course A (standard kitesurfing beginner course) is to get you on the board. All equipment is included (kites, board, harness, wetsuit, buoyancy west, helmet, ...).



What you will learn in course A - kitesurfing for beginners and the course breakdown

Learn kitesurfing Level 1 / Day 1 (4 hours)

Learn kitesurfing Level 2 / Day 2 (4 hours)

Learn kitesurfing Level 3 / Day 3 (4 hours)

All equipment and materials are included in your kitesurfing beginners course A.

Please note: Transport to Langebaan lagoon, Melkbos or Strand, where we might go during the first days of your course A, is not included in the course fees. Best is to use your own (or rented) car or we may offer transportation for a low price.

Please note: Langebaan is only a good place during your first 3 days of your kitesurfing course (which is your course A, and we also often go there). But thereafter, as soon as you have learned to waterstart, Langebaan is NOT a good place to learn. To learn fast from day 4 onwards, you simply need the DOWNWIND METHOD. You can do the downwind method only in a few places in the world, for instance with us in Cape Town. Details on the downwind method you can find on our page for kitesurfing course B.

We teach in private lessons (1:1) or small 2 people group lessons (1:2). This is important for proper learning and your safety (teaching in big groups of 3-6 people, like other schools do it, is dangerous and it does not lead to any good learning results).


After kitesurfing beginner course A: The course A ends with your first water start and riding a few meters. To really get you on the board up and riding properly, riding comfortably into both directions, also in moderate waves, and do basic transitions (change of direction) and to be able to stay upwind, you will need our 11 days kitesurfing beginners course B - directly after your beginners course A.

Please select a date for your kitesurfing course A or kitesurfing beginners crash course A+B from our kitesurfing course table. This will make you a fully independent kitesurfer within 14 days during your holidays in fantastic Cape Town!

Learn kitesurfing with the German Speed Kitesurfing Champion.


PRICES for kitesurfing beginner courses at KITEKAHUNAS

3 days beginners kitesurfing course A (12 hours standard curriculum). Private lessons for flexibility and fast learning (you learn almost twice as fast, and therefore save many course days, because what counts is simply the number of hours you hold the kite in your hands to control it).

EUR 499,-

South African residents R 6 999

Bring your friend or partner and learn in a group of 2 people. 3 days beginners kitesurfing course A (12 hours standard curriculum).

EUR 399,-
per person

South African residents R 5 599

15 days A+B+C+D beginners kitesurfing crash course. Private lessons for your safety and fast learning. With the inhouse-developed & specific KITEKAHUNAS DOWNWIND METHOD. Including transport from/to downwinders. You learn much faster in private lessons.

EUR 2899,-

Special prices for South African residents available

10 days A+B+C beginners kitesurfing crash course. Private lessons for your safety and fast learning. With the inhouse-developed & specific KITEKAHUNAS DOWNWIND METHOD. Including transport from/to downwinders. You learn much faster in private lessons.

EUR 1899,-

Special prices for South African residents available

If you bring a friend or your partner, we can group
the two of you together and both of you will receive
a deduction of up to EUR 400 for your course.

10 days A+B+C beginners kitesurfing crash course. Group of 2 people, but private lessons on the first days on the ocean, when it makes sense for safety. With the inhouse-developed & specific KITEKAHUNAS DOWNWIND METHOD. Including transport from/to downwinders.

EUR 1517,-
per person

Special prices for South African residents available

Courses from mid December till beginning of January attract a surcharge.

Special Package for kitesurfing beginner crash course A+B: from EUR 1984,- per person, if you are two people, including 14 nights accommodation in our holiday appartments (2 people sharing) in the KITEKAHUNAS Beach House, directly on the beach, and including all transport from/to downwinders. We have special prices for South African residents.

If a full A+B course does not fit your budget or your time schedule, you can also do half a course A+B (11 days or 7 days). But the results are of course less than with a full course. We have special prices for South African residents.

Check out here what you will learn in our 11 days kitesurfing course B >>

Here is a 360 degree video to get an impression about a kitesurfer playing on the beach in Cape Town.



Kitesurfing Courses Kitesurfing Courses


For families: Please note our special expertise for Kitesurfing beginner courses for children.

For woman / girls: 10 reasons why every woman should learn kitesurfing >>

Partner programme for kitesurfing beginners crash course A+B: Should you come with your partner and he/she is already a kitesurfer, he/she can participate either in our KITEKAHUNAS Wave Camp - also suitable if he/she is a wave kitesurfing novice - or in our Downwind Camp Freeride or Freestyle:Downwind Camp Freeride (supervision and coaching for Cape Town's challenging conditions) or Downwind Camp Freestyle (big air freestyle tricks).

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Course Details

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Learn to Kitesurf - Kitesurfing Beginners Course Cape Town

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