Kitesurfing Beginners Course Modules B+C+D in Cape Town

Learn Riding Upwind and Transitions

Only KITEKAHUNAS offers this type of kitesurfing course. It is unique in the world. The best and fastest way at this stage of learning (after your 3 days beginners course A) requires our inhouse-developed & specific KITEKAHUNAS DOWNWIND METHOD. Details about this learning method are below.

- Course module B: 2 days, Module C: 5 days, Module D: 5 days.
- 3-5 hours teaching per day. You only pay for wind days or when we teach.
- Prerequisites: Completion of Course A. Able to water start.
- Private lessons, or a small 2-people group.
- Equipment not included. Possibility for rental or purchase at best prices.
- First in Langebaan then we teach you to ride in Cape Town on the ocean.
- Price from EUR 1299 per person / ZAR 15 990

Now available: We have re-designed and fundamentally improved our kitesurfing beginner courses:

kitesurfing lessons

Below is the outdated information, describing our old beginner courses.


Prerequisites - Your level of
kitESURFING before you enter this course:

Before booking this course you will need to have completed your 3 days kitesurfing beginners course A. You should be able to perform water starts and having started to ride a few meters into both directions. You however cannot stay upwind nor do you feel comfortable, safe and independent yet, so this is the right course for you.

The goal of course B, and what you can do after this course:

The 2+5+5 days advanced-beginners kitesurfing course B+C+D will make you a real, fully independent kitesurfer. You will learn riding properly, riding comfortably into both directions, also in moderate waves, and do basic transitions (change of direction). And you will be able to stay upwind, the most difficult part while learning kitesurfing. This is the phase where most learners give up. But we have the ideal learning area directly on our beach, with a long 6km uninterrupted downwind passage. A very rare thing in the world! With this you can practice riding upwind, while (still) slowly drifting downwind. At the end of the downwinder our Microbus will bring you back and you do not waste all your energy and exhaust yourself walking back upwind, like you would have to do at most other kitesurfing schools. Also, during your course you will learn a lot of about safety for kitesurfers, and practice emergency maneuvers for kitesurfing. After this kitesurfing course, provided that you have at least average talent, you will be able to kitesurf anywhere in the world safely on your own.

The inhouse-developed & specific KITEKAHUNAS DOWNWIND METHOD. This is very important: Our location is particularly well suited for kitesurfers, who want to learn riding upwind. This is the most difficult phase while learning kitesurfing. Most beginners fail and stop here in frustration. It often takes many months or even years to learn riding upwind, mainly because you have to "walk upwind" all the time and the actual "net practising board time" is therefore limited to only a few minutes per day. At the KITEKAHUNAS beach we can drift many kilometers downwind while practicing, and then you get back by minibus. Therefore our kitesurfing students have 1 hour or more "net practising board time" every day and often learn riding upwind within a week or two, and not in months and years.

Please see the video below to learn more about the inhouse-developed & specific KITEKAHUNAS DOWNWIND METHOD.

Please note: Langebaan is only a good place during your first 3 days of your kitesurfing course (which is your course A, and we also often go there). But thereafter, as soon as you have learned to waterstart, Langebaan is NOT a good place to learn. To learn fast from day 4 onwards, you simply need the inhouse-developed KITEKAHUNAS DOWNWIND METHOD. You can do the KITEKAHUNAS DOWNWIND METHOD only in a few places in the world, for instance with us in Cape Town.

This is the reason why our A+B+C+D kitesurfing crash courses for complete beginners are so popular: Beginner kitesurfers come to Cape Town for two to three weeks and you will return home as a real, fully independent kitesurfer.

After this course you will be totally independent and comfortable as a kitesurfer (provided you have at least average talent). You will be able to kite at most kitesurfing beaches in the world. People will respect your skills and spectators will enjoy watching you kitesurfing.


What you will learn and the course breakdown


Kitesurfing Equipment for Course Module C+D: Participants of kitesurfing course module C+D (learn riding upwind) need their own kitesurfing equipment. You can purchase or rent it from us, and we will advise you at the beginning of your kitesurfing course. Kitesurfing equipment is less expensive in South Africa than e.g. in Europe, Australia or America and in addition our students qualify for a discount. So it pays off to purchase your kitesurfing equipment in South Africa with KITEKAHUNAS (you save some 25-40%). With these savings you basically get a part of your course for free! We offer new and second hand kitesurfing equipment. We have lowest price guarantee, money back if you present us a lower offer!

PDF icon Download Kite size recommendation and Price List


Please select a date for your kitesurfing beginners crash course A+B+C+D from our kitesurfing course table. This will make you a fully independent kitesurfer within three weeks during your holidays in phantastic Cape Town!

Learn kitesurfing with the German Speed Kitesurfing Champion.


PRICES for kitesurfing beginner courses at KITEKAHUNAS

3 days beginners kitesurfing course A (12 hours standard curriculum). Private lessons for flexibility and fast learning (you learn almost twice as fast, and therefore save many course days, because what counts is simply the number of hours you hold the kite in your hands to control it).

EUR 499,-

South African residents R 6 999

Bring your friend or partner and learn in a group of 2 people. 3 days beginners kitesurfing course A (12 hours standard curriculum).

EUR 399,-
per person

South African residents R 5 599

15 days A+B+C+D beginners kitesurfing crash course. Private lessons for your safety and fast learning. With the inhouse-developed & specific KITEKAHUNAS DOWNWIND METHOD. Including transport from/to downwinders. You learn much faster in private lessons.

EUR 2899,-

Special prices for South African residents available

10 days A+B+C beginners kitesurfing crash course. Private lessons for your safety and fast learning. With the inhouse-developed & specific KITEKAHUNAS DOWNWIND METHOD. Including transport from/to downwinders. You learn much faster in private lessons.

EUR 1899,-

Special prices for South African residents available

If you bring a friend or your partner, we can group
the two of you together and both of you will receive
a deduction of up to EUR 400 for your course.

10 days A+B+C beginners kitesurfing crash course. Group of 2 people, but private lessons on the first days on the ocean, when it makes sense for safety. With the inhouse-developed & specific KITEKAHUNAS DOWNWIND METHOD. Including transport from/to downwinders.

EUR 1517,-
per person

Special prices for South African residents available

Courses from mid December till beginning of January attract a surcharge.


If a full A+B+C+D course does not fit your budget or your time schedule, you can also do part of the course A+B (5 days) or A+B+C (10 days). But the results are of course less than with a full course. We have special prices for South African residents.

We teach in private lessons (1:1) or small 2 people group lessons per instructor (1:2). This is important for proper learning and your safety.

Watch this video about our kitesurfing school. It will explain what you can expect in our beginner kitesurfing courses, and the specific KITEKAHUNAS DOWNWIND METHOD. Our kitesurfing school is right for you, if you really want to learn this fantastic sport, best in a 2 weeks or 3 weeks crash course.


We make use of a selection of the following training methods in Our Kiteboarding courseS


Here is a 360 degree video to get an impression about a kitesurfer playing on the beach in Cape Town.

riding upwind kitesurfing course riding upwind kitesurfing course Cape Town


For Families: Please note our special expertise for Kitesurfing beginner courses for children.

Partner programme for kitesurfing beginners crash course A+B: Should you come with your partner and he/she is already a kitesurfer, he/she can participate either in our KITEKAHUNAS Wave Camp - also suitable if he/she is new to wave kitesurfing - or on the Twin-Tip Board in our Downwind Camp Freeride or Freestyle: Downwind Camp Freeride (supervision and coaching for Cape Town's challenging conditions) or Downwind Camp Freestyle (big air freestyle tricks).

kiteboarding course riding upwind kiteboarding lessons riding upwind kitesurfing upwind kiteboarding course upwind kiteboarding lessons upwind

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