Video - Kitesurfing Beginners School Cape Town/ Langebaan

Please note what we say about the downwind method - very important if you really want to learn this fantastic sport


Please watch this video about our kitesurfing school. It will explain what you can expect in our beginner kitesurfing courses. Our kitesurfing school is right for you, if you really want to learn this fantastic sport, best in a 2 weeks or 3 weeks crash course.

Here is another video about us, the best kitesurfing school you can find.

Video: Beginners Kitesurfing Course. How to do it.


We teach in private lessons (1:1) or small 2 people group lessons (1:2).

This is important for proper learning and your safety. Teaching in big groups of 3-6 people, like many other schools do it, does not lead to any good learning results.


Check out what you will learn in our 3 days kitesurfing beginners course A >>

Check out here what you will learn in our 11 days or 18 days kitesurfing course B >>

Please select a date for your kitesurfing beginners crash course A+B from our kitesurfing course table. This will make you a fully independent kitesurfer within 14 days during your holidays in phantastic Cape Town!

If you want to be very sure, then book our 21 days A+B Course at KITEKAHUNAS, the best kitesurfing school in the world..


Here is a 360 degree video to get an impression about a kitesurfer playing on the beach in Cape Town. You can soon be one of them!

360 degree video: A kitesurfer playing on the beach in Cape Town.



Kitesurfing Courses Kitesurfing Courses


For families: Please note our special expertise for Kitesurfing beginner courses for children.

For woman / girls: 10 reasons why every woman should learn kitesurfing >>

Partner programme for kitesurfing beginners crash course A+B: Should you come with your partner and he/she is already a kitesurfer, he/she can participate either in our KITEKAHUNAS Wave Camp - also suitable if he/she is a wave kitesurfing novice - or in our Downwind Camp Freeride or Freestyle:Downwind Camp Freeride (supervision and coaching for Cape Town's challenging conditions) or Downwind Camp Freestyle (big air freestyle tricks).


Kitesurfing is a social sport. Find your friends or travel partners at Kite2Love:

Kitesurfing singles and dating

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Course Details

kitesurfing beginners courseBeginners Course Module A: Learn to kitesurf. Course details >>

kiteboarding course upwindBeginners Course Module B: Preparation for the ocean. Course details >>

kitesurfing learn to jumpBeginners Course Module C: Learn riding comfortably. Course details >>

advanced kiteboarding course Beginners Course Module D: Riding upwind and transitions. Course details >>

Wave KitesurfingKITEKAHUNAS Wave Kitesurfing Course. Course details >>

advanced kiteboarding lessons womenAccent on Jumping. Learn to jump. Course details >>

kitesurfing lessonsAccent on Rotation Jumps and Transitions. Advanced rider level necessary. course details >>

kitesurfing unhookedAccent on Freestyle Advanced and unhooked rricks. course details >>

Learn to Kitesurf - Kitesurfing Beginners Course Cape Town

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