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Kitekahunas is a kitesurfing school for beginners and advanced riders. It is located directly at Kite Beach, which is ‘the heart’ of the best kitesurfing beaches in Blouberg, Cape Town. Kitekahunas has been nominated recently as the best kitesurfing school of South Africa.


We focus on two main segments:


For Kitesurfing Beginners:


2-3 weeks Kitesurfing Beginners Crash Course:

This makes beginners within 2-3 weeks a fully independent kitesurfer.

Compared to most other schools, which only focus on the three day standard IKO-curriculum and then leave you alone, we go a big step further: We make you a fully independent kitesurfer!

In particular, we do NOT make false promises to our clients that they can learn kitesurfing within a few days, because it is simply not true. But we give our very best to make you an independent kitesurfer within 2-3 weeks. This is our speciality and only one of many reasons why we gained our reputation of one of the best kitesurfing schools in the world and the best kitesurfing school in Cape Town and South Africa.


For Kitesurfers:



Wave novices can start wave kitesurfing with us and you will feel comfortable in the waves within a few days. Please note our free wave kitesurfing video course which is the best kitesurfing tutorial available for free.

If you wish, you can participate in our mixed Twin-tip & Wave Kitesurfing Camp. You can decide day-by-day, what you want to do: Freeride/ freestyle kitesurfing on your twin-tip, or wave kitesurfing on the directional wave board.


Proficient wave kitesurfers can enjoy wave kitesurfing and advance their skills, while riding with the pros. Enjoy wave kitesurfing on the best kitesurfing wave downwind passages in the world!

Video Kitesurfing Beginner Crash Course


Trailer Video Course KITEKAHUNAS - Learn Wave Kitesurfing


Video: Run-through the best kitesurfing school KITEKAHUNAS

So what can you expect at Kitekahunas? And how does Kitekahunas’ kitesurfing school look like inside?

In our run-through video below you will see, where our kitesurfing school is located and what you can expect. Just click on the ‘play-buttom’ and you will get an impression of Kitekahunas, the best kitesurfing school Cape Town has to offer. We are located right on Cape Town´s famous Kite Beach, the most central location of Blouberg beach, inside the surfers´ bar 'Boardhouse'.

We also have facilities to store your equipment, sanitary facilities and of course a big school room with a screen where we often sit together to watch instructional videos or videos we made on the previous day of our students in order to give you feedback and teach you in a nice relaxing atmosphere.




Kitekahunas has been established in 2009 by Dr. Wolfram Reiners, who was a competing professional kitesurfer for many years, up to world-cup level. The German Speed Kitesurfing Champion decided to found a school in Cape Town which is known as one of the best kitesurfing locations in the world. He decided to built a school with the aim to be ‘the best kitesurfing school’ world-wide.
For beginners, Kitekahunas' main focus is teaching students, who are really eager to learn this amazing sport. We takeour students one step further than the usual standard three-day-curriculum: Kitekahunas makes you a real independent kitesurfer, so you can safely kitesurf on your own anywhere in the world!
Kitekahunas does not only teach beginner and advanced students on the twin-tip board, but has also built its reputation as the best kitesurfing school to learn wave kitesurfing. Due to our love to wave kitesurfing within the years Kitekahunas has become a 'multimedia company ’ producing wave kitesurfing tutorial videos ‘KITEKAHUNAS – Learn Wave Kitesurfing’ which are available for free on Youtube and are best to introduce wave kitesurfing beginners to this field.


Best Kitesurfing School

The Location

Tableview is a neighborhood approximately 16 kilometers from the heart of Cape Town - it is best known for its great wind, and the amazing view of the famous Table Mountain. Tableview features a number of bars, restaurants, and other diversions. Bars include The Boardhouse (home of KITEKAHUNAS), Pakalolo, The Royal Oak, and a few others. Restaurants within a walking distance from KITEKAHUNAS include Homespun, Primi Piatti, Catch 22. There are also a number of cafes, such as Morgan's, News Cafe, and Carlucci's. The beach itself is beautiful as well, and you are always just a drive away from downtown and the various diversions to be found there.

KITEKAHUNAS: best kitesurfing school - location on Google Maps


We put our hearts and our souls into our school. And as we work hard every day to stay the best kitesurfing school worldwide, we choose our instructors carefully. All of our instructors are professional kitesurfing instructors who dedicated their life to this sport. They are certified as IKO/VDWS/BKSA instructors and highly experienced in teaching kitesurfing to students around the globe. Most of them come from Europe and are able to speak several languages such as English, Spanish, French or German. You can be certain that they are highly motivated and committed to make you an independent kitesurfer and give their very best to get you on the board as fast and safe as possible. It will be a fun experience that you won´t forget! Join us today and discover why we are the best kitesurfing school in the world!


Cape Town´s best kitesurfing school
The best kitesurfing team in our school in season 2017!

world best kitesurfing school

Our kitesurfing instructors in 2017. Our best kitesurfing instructors wears our popular new pink lycras to be more visible on the ocean!

The KITEKAHUNAS Experience

A picture is worth a thousand words! Discover the world of kitesurfing with Kitekahunas through our photo album. It is a compilation of pictures we have taken since 2009. If you have been with us already you can indulge in old memories here. Watch our photos and find out, why Kitekahunas has been recently nominated as the best kitesurfing school in the market! With Kitekahunas you will have the ultimate kitesurfing experience. We make sure that you will have an amazing time, we will find you the best kitesurfing spots in Cape Town with the best wind conditions, best waves and best beaches without having to learn in a crowded place! So just relax and focus on what you want to do: learn kitesurfing at the best kitesurfing school in Cape Town, we will take care of the rest!


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