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There is a misconception around the topic of flat water in Cape Town, in particular when comparing Cape Town to Langebaan. Langebaan is a lagoon and its Main Beach has mostly chop water (a lagoon has a water surface like a lake, and this is mostly chop). There are only two very small stretches of flat water on Langebaan Main Beach, one is crowded by the pro's if the conditions are good and there is no room for failure, because there are rocks rights next to it downwind. The other is behind the island, but you cannot fly your kite low because there is no wind the first 5m above the water surface and it is very tricky to get your board back when you lose it. So it is also not a good training ground. Otherwise you may find flat water tide-dependent for a few minutes, when low tide changes to high. Therefore Langebaan is mostly used by beginner kitesurfers in the first days, who cannot deal with waves at all. Langebaan Shark Bay is closed now. There is flat water, in low tide conditions, but sadly it is not accessible any more due to property development.

Cape Town is mostly known for its waves. But what is less known that the best freestyle kiteboarders (e.g. Aaron Hadlow, Kevin Langeree, Jalou Langeree, Hannah Whiteley and many others) are also training here, because in between the waves we have mirror flat water in Cape Town. Also in Table Bay, where KITEKAHUNAS is located and where all the famous kitesurfing locations of Cape Town are, we have generally a very smooth flat water surface, if you go beyond the shorebreak zone. So kitesurfers in Cape Town find both flat water and waves. This is why Cape Town is world-famous for kitesurfing - the world's capital of kitesurfing is Cape Town, and not Langebaan.

So what we recommend to you is to stay in Cape Town, and do a trip or two to Langebaan. If you book with us, we visit Langebaan anyway too. If you stay in Langebaan you might get disappointed. Many thought so before and have come back after 2 days ... Most kitesurfers do it the opposite way round: Most kitesurfers stay in Cape Town, where there is life and all the attractions of Cape Town and then do a day trip to Langebaan, e.g. if there is wind up there but not down here, which is sometimes the case, and vice versa.


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