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German Speed Kitesurfing Record - 46.26 Knots

And Outright Speed Sailing Record for Germany - all classes of sailing crafts


Outright Speed Sailing Record Germany - Wolfram Reiners




Wolfram Reiners - German Outright Speed Sailing Record holder

Wolfram Reiners - at the start of the speed sailing channel in Lüderitz at 2011 Lüderitz Speed Challenge.



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Wolfram Reiners - German Outright Speed Sailing Record.






New German Kitesurfing Speed Record and Outright Speed Sailing Record

06. December 2011.
Lüderitz, Namibia. Kiteboarder and Cape Town resident Dr Wolfram Reiners has set a new German speed record for kitesurfers and at the same time a new Outright Speed Sailing Record for Germany. This is the record of all classes of crafts under sail. The record was set at the 2011 Lüderitz Speed Challenge, which was running for four weeks in October and November. He achieved an average speed of 46.26 knots (85.67 km/h) over the distance of 500 meters with a peak of almost 50 knots of speed. Never has a German sailing craft been faster.


Speed sailing records take place under the auspices of the World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC) following strict requirements. The record has been ratified by WSSRC, ratification is given after all national committees had the right to check the measurements.


Wolfram Reiners grew up in Germany and is a South African permanent resident. He lives and trains in Cape Town, Sunset Beach, where is the director of kitesurfing school Kitekahunas. Reiners has set the record in wind speeds between 32 and 41 knots (60-75 km/h). For more than 40 years boats, windsurfers and kitesurfers are in fierce competition to reach speed sailing records. Teams from France and USA dominate speed sailing. In this discipline not only glory is at stake but also the impressive demonstration of high-tech developments in sailing sports, sometimes with teams equipped with multi-million Dollars budgets. The speeds reached by these sailing crafts prove, which outstanding results can be achieved with sustainable forms of energy and with wind power. In 2008 kitesurfers broke for the first time in history through the magical barrier of 50 knots of speed and set a new world record, which was considered to be unreachable for a long time. Last year kitesurfers set the new record beyond 55 knots, which is more than 100 km/h. Since then kitesurfers have established themselves as the fastest crafts on water that operate without an engine or other forms of stored energy.


Reiners, who has set the new German record, was an inventor and entrepreneur in information technology before he changed to professional sports and kitesurfing. He developed several innovations in Internet and mobile technology. In 2003 he was called from South Africa to Germany to take over the first professorship in E-Business at a German university. He was distinguished in 2007 with the renowned European ICT Prize of the European Union, the worldwide foremost reward for innovations in information and communication technology. He changed in 2008 from science and business to professional sports as a speed kiteboarder.


I am very happy and proud about my German Outright Record of all sailing classes, says Dr Wolfram Reiners. "It was always my dream to achieve highest awards in all three fields: science, business and sport. I hope that my achievement will also contribute to the community in Cape Town and will help to attract many kitesurfers from Europe and America to Cape Town and to our kitesurfing school KITEKAHUNAS in Cape Town. All my achievements started with a clear vision, where I wanted to be, and then hard and focussed work and tenacity to reach my goals." The school of the new German champ KITEKAHUNAS offers advanced kitesurfing courses in freestyle / freeride and in wave-kitesurfing. Beginners who really want to learn the sport are also welcome for one to three weeks intensive training courses.




Wolfram Reiners - German speed kitesurfing champ




Wolfram Reiners - speed kitesurfing record Germany




Speed Kitesurfing Record Germany




Speed Lüderitz 2011 - Wolfram Reiners





German Outright Speed Sailing Record 46.26 Knots


Wolfram Reiners

- after he has set the new German record in speed kitesurfing and the Outright Speed Sailing Record for Germany.
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Wolfram Reiners - Outright Speed Sailing Record and Kitesurfing Record



German sailing record Vmax



Wolfram Reiners - German Champ Speed Kitesurfing - Freeride


Wolfram Reiners Speed Sailing Record


Detailed information about the history of the Outright Speed Sailing Record and about Wolfram Reiners is available in German language here >>


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