Kitesurfing & Catamaran Sailing – Island Paradise Zanzibar

KITEKAHUNAS – Advanced Kitesurfing School since 2008 from Cape Town (South Africa) is now offering this absolute jewel and once-in-a-lifetime experience:  Kitesurfing & Sailing – Luxury Catamaran Sailing in the tropical island paradise Zanzibar. Visit pristine and secret kitesurfing beaches take your “swimming hotel with chef & kitchen all inclusive” always with you, wherever we go.

Go around the island(s) and visit hidden and perfect kite beaches, and other spectacular attractions. Luxury hotel tourists have to book all these on top, and travel there and carry luggage. Not you, your luxury catamaran is always with you.

Depending on wind and your preference we may even sail to Pemba – Zanzibar’s sister island. A jewels in its own league, completely natural, untouched, with even better wind, and most beaches normally only accessible to millionaire tourists who have their own boat or airplane.

Regardless, whether Zanzibar or sister island Pemba. You can be sure, both are paradise-like and will be absolutely precious and exceptional experiences of your lifetime!

Katamaran Sailing
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Kite Sailing

Your Options: 1 or 2 weeks of Dream Kitesurfing Holidays

You can book one or more cabins, each is suitable for up to two people. Including breakfast, snacks and dinner on board, and all beverages, also beer and wine (fair usage).

If you book 2 weeks we will most likely include the cross-over to Pemba island, the untouched paradise. Pemba is a non-touristic, original nature island. Almost impossible to reach and visit with its superb beaches. With us you can.

Videos and impressions from these spectacular, fascinating, kitesurfing & sailing tours

VIDEO: Part I: Walk-through our sailing catamaran.
Part II: What you may experience during our charter tours.

VIDEO: Visiting the dolphins. An extraordinary, super-special experience, like out of paradise.

VIDEO: Magic and very rare encounter with Blue Whales. All around the sailing catamaran. Not many of this majestic animals are left on our planet. Please make sure you watch this video till the end.

VIDEO: A selection of hidden, secret and perfect kitesurfing beaches. These are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Partly with butter-flat water, all of them you will have for yourself. Hidden gems and absolutely exclusive and extraordinary.

The Kitesurfing and Sailing Catamaran

Included in the Kitesurfing & Sailing Tour week(s)

7 days of accommodation in double cabin with private bathroom (toilet & shower)

Skipper and Kite Guide. Tips & safety instructions on each kite spot.

Surveillance and rescue with boat (we try but no guarantee, as usual).

Yacht and motor boat fuel.

Chef with breakfast and dinner.

Soft drinks, water, beer and wine (fair usage).

Bed linen and towels.

USB charging spots. 220V charging option of laptop/camera 1-2h per day.

Wifi / Internet (fair usage).

Snorkeling gear (mask & fins).

Organizing activities on land, on low-wind days.

Yacht insurance.

Port fees.

End cleaning.

Activities we will try to do, if the wind permits. Everything included in your Kitesurfing & Sailing Tour

Should there be no wind days, or even if there is wind every day, you can be sure to explore all the precious things, which other tourists typically have to book as expensive add-on excursions from their equally expensive hotels. On our Kitesurfing & Sailing journey this is included, free of charge. Every single one of them is a very special experience:
– Snorkeling on coral reefs
– If you are scuba diver, we may even organize dive tanks
– Sandbank sun bathing and swimming in turquoise blue water
– Find dolphins, watch them not even two meters away and interact with them
– Fishing
– Spice farm tour (on land; only on no-wind days; transport and entrance fees not included)

Here are the wind statistics for Zanzibar.
Wind is medium strong, so you need 9m kites, 10m kites, heavier riders 12m kites or even bigger.
The wind is typically very reliable (trade wind) with many wind days expected during your Kitesurfing & Sailing trip.

Wind is all around the island, Pemba has even better wind than Zanzibar. This is only possible with your mobile luxury Kitesurfing & Sailing Catamaran! We are flexible to move around. And on the way there you may experience and earn some good sailing. You may see dolphins, or experience the thrill of deep see fishing.

Pricing and Dates: KITEKAHUNAS Kitesurfing & Sailing with Luxury Catamaran in tropical Zanzibar Island Paradise

All prices are for one double cabin, suitable for one or two people, with private bathroom and shower. The beds are 2,05m long and 1,40-1,50 wide, slightly diamond shaped. So, rather large and plenty of space for a boat. Swaying you gently to sleep on board.

You can use the shared spaces on board: A large inside table, a large outside table aft/back of the boat, and a sitting area with two smaller tables in the front of the boat.

Your kites will be stored on the roof of the catamaran, inside your travel bag. We have a dinghy (small motor boat): It will bring you to secret kitesurfing spots.

All prices include Skipper (captain), Chef, breakfast, snacks for lunch, dinner and beverages, including beers and wine (fair usage).

If you book 3 cabins for a Group, you can have the Catamaran exclusive, only for your Group.

All Kitesurfing & Sailing tours start on Saturday 17:00 embarkation.
Distance to the airport is only about 20-30 minutes by taxi.
If you are late, no problem, we can pick you also up Sunday before 12:00, or later if need be.
All tours end on Saturday 09:00 disembarkation.

Travel itineraries during your week(s) are always subject to change, depending on wind, weather and unforeseen circumstances, e.g. technical difficulties. This is the nature of such adventure tours. However, we will give the utmost effort give you an exceptional experience and pleasure.

Dates 2023 / 2024
Saturday - Saturday
Kitesurfing and SailingRemarks
15 July – 22 July 2023FULLY BOOKED
22 July – 29 July 2023FULLY BOOKED
29 July – 5 August 2023FULLY BOOKEDHigh season
5 August – 12 August 2023FULLY BOOKEDHigh season
12 August – 19 August 2023FULLY BOOKEDHigh season
19 August – 26 August 2023FULLY BOOKEDHigh season
26 August – 2 September 2023FULLY BOOKED
2 September – 9 September 2023FULLY BOOKED
9 September – 16 September 2023FULLY BOOKED
16 September – 23 September 2023FULLY BOOKED
23 September – 30 September 2023FULLY BOOKED
23 December – 06 January 2024FULLY BOOKEDHigh season
06 January – 13 January 2024FULLY BOOKEDHigh season
13 January – 20 January 2024FULLY BOOKEDHigh season
20 January – 27 January 2024FULLY BOOKED
20 January – 03 February 2024FULLY BOOKED
03 February - 10 February 2024FULLY BOOKED
10 February - 17 February 2024FULLY BOOKED
DescriptionEURHigh-season AugustGuaranteed all passengers and crew are not Covid vaccinated*
1 Cabin Kitesurfing and Sailing for 1 week
For up to 2 people
All inclusive, breakfast, dinner, beverages
Please enquire if
you are interested*
1 Cabin Kitesurfing and Sailing for 2 weeks
For up to 2 people
All inclusive, breakfast, dinner, beverages
Please enquire if
you are interested*
If you book 3 Cabins, for a Group, you will have the Catamaran exclusive, only for the Group, of course with Skipper and Chef1079910999
Equipment rental full kit & 2 kites (1 week)990990990
Kitesurfing Lessons (intermediate, per hour)80100120
Wave board rental (day / week)50250

* Some guests have asked for this, for health reasons. They show allergic reactions to people, who have received Covid shots (through shedding/transmission).

Enjoy your private cabin on the luxury catamaran, 48 foot, with private bathroom and shower.  Chef and Captain inclusive. All-in-one package. Apart from your cabin, there is plenty of space, With this you will always find your privacy or a space to work, if need be.

A minimum of two cabins need to be booked for each tour. If not, it cannot take place and your deposit will be refunded.

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