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Who We Are

Kitekahunas – Advanced Kitesurfing School – is based directly at Cape Town’s best kitesurfing beach, Sunset Beach, at the beginning of famous Blouberg Beach, South Africa’s premier kitesurfing spot. Kitekahunas is undoubtedly one of the best kitesurfing schools in the world. It is directed by German Speed Kitesurfing Champion Dr. Wolfram Reiners.

Cape Town is different than most other kitesurfing locations in the world. Kitesurfing in Cape Town is about variety. This is why most of the best professional kitesurfers are in Cape Town during our wind season. Cape Town offers more than 30 superb kitesurfing beaches with a huge variety of conditions: flat water, world-class downwind passages, small waves, high waves, warm and cool water.

From October till March the wind blows better than anywhere in the world. We visit some of these kitesurfing spots during your kitesurfing course or during your Beginners Kitesurfing Course, your Wave Kitesurfing Course or the KITEKAHUNAS Wave Camps.

You can stay in one of the apartments in the beautiful KITE VILLA 70 meter from the beach, in upmarket and safe Sunset Beach, or in one of the neighboring Kitesurfing Accommodations in Cape Town (Table View and Sunset Beach).

Looking for the most unbeatable kitesurfing holiday of a lifetime, in sun filled South Africa with beautiful beaches and Table Mountain in the backdrop? And Cape Town will entertain you with plenty of attractions to visit and beautiful people in a sizzling nightlife.

Download an article about kitesurfing in Cape Town >>

Read what our students say: Their reviews of our Kitekahunas kitesurfing courses and camps >>

All courses primary language will be in English, but various languages are supported such as German, Italian, French, Greek, Spanish, and Afrikaans.

We are proud that KITEKAHUNAS has been selected as the official school to educate professional kite pilots for renewable energy company OCEANERGY. To operate KITE GAS/FUEL SHIPs to combat climate change.

Beginners Course Module A: Learn to kitesurf >>

Wave Kitesurfing.

Wave Course details >>

Beginners Course Module B:

Preparation for the ocean >>

Accent on Jumping

Learn to jump >>

Beginners Course Module C:

Ride comfortably >>

Accent on Rotation Jumps and Transitions

Learn >>

Beginners Course Module D:

Riding upwind and transitions >>

Accent on Freestyle unhooked tricks.

Course details >>

These benefits you will have with us

Your benefits when booking a beginner or advanced kitesurfing course with Kitekahunas Advanced Kitesurfing School:

Probably the best downwind passages in the world directly from our doorstep: Sunset Beach – Dolphin Beach – Doodles Beach – Big Bay – Haakgat.

Small personalized lesson groups of no more than 8 people (KITEKAHUNAS Wave Camps) or 2 people per instructor (Kitesurfing Beginner Lessons).

Advanced teaching methods including the use of radio communication on the water for immediate feedback for fast learning – and video feedback if it makes sense.

Intense training approach, supported by friendly, experienced and certificated kitesurfing instructors who are committed to you for the duration of your kitesurfing course.

Rubbing shoulders with Kitesurfers and Pro Kiteboarders from all over the world. Cape Town’s variety of conditions is what attracts kitesurfers from far and wide. Just the opportunity to sit and watch these riders in action is enough to keep you entertained for hours. Kitekahunas will be frequented by many of these Pro Kitesurfers, and will be the perfect meeting place to connect and network with riders from all over the globe.

Visit our Slingshot Shop and Test Center at KITEKAHUNAS Cape Town. Please note that you can purchase kitesurfing equipment very inexpensive with us, while you are in South Africa. For Slingshot kites you save up to 30% as compared to Europe! You get 15% VAT back at the airport, when leaving South Africa. So if you need to purchase equipment or change your kite quiver, your savings will pay for your kitesurfing holiday or KITEKAHUNAS wave camp, course or freeride/freestyle camp. Please ask or our 2-page-info-sheet about equipment.

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Travel Advice

To book your air travel package to Cape Town, you can either arrange it on your own (e.g. with Turkish Airways, Emirates, South African Airways, Lufthansa, Swiss, British Airways, KLM, Air France, …) or our travel agents can help you to find the best rates for your flight >>

If you wish to hire a car for trips in your spare time: AroundAboutCars has best rates. Tell them you come from Kitekahunas, we have negotiated special rates for our customers, please go here >>

For kitesurfing beginners we recommend our 15-days intensive, combined A+B+D+D course.This will make you a real kitesurfer.

This course starts with the worldwide standard 3 days kitesurfing beginners course A, and then our our famous course B. To really get you on the board up and riding, being comfortable riding in both directions, also in moderate waves and to be able to stay upwind and maybe even do first basic jumps. This crash course will make you a fully independent kitesurfer within 2-3 weeks. Please note that you will have to purchase or rent equipment for your course B (after 3-5 days), or you can rent. But you will need it anyway afterwards to practice your new sport!


People say that Cape Town is the most beautiful city in the world. Why is this? Cape Town is the only city in the world located on two oceans. It lies between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, beautifully surrounded by mountains. In the center of the city rises Table Mountain and Lions Head. Both are actually nature reserves and offer excellent mountain trips with magnificent views over Cape Town and the Oceans.

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For kiteboarders who have already been surfing for years before they picked up a kite, the progression into the surf is a natural and relatively easy one. However, not every new kiteboarder is an experienced waterman. For some riders, kiteboarding is their first ocean sport. The surf can be an intimidating place for those who do not have any experience there, but the fun that can be had is well worth the effort. We pulled together the top 10 questions asked by kiters who do not have any ocean experience. If you are thinking about heading to the surf (i.e. the waves) for your first time, remember to start small and work your way up from there.

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It is always difficult to answer this question although also here size does matter.

Choosing the right Kite waveboard depends on so many different factors and let’s not forget personal preference either.

Let’s have a look what the basics are to take into consideration when next time you are considering a new board before we will have a look at the different shapes.

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Europeans usually think that strong wind is naturally linked to cold and bad weather. Not so in Cape Town. The wind here is legendary. Probably stronger and more reliable than anywhere else in the world. Perfect for kitesurfing in Cape Town. This is why the ancient sailors have called it the “Cape of Good Hope”. Whenever their ships came near the notorious Cape, only hope and prayer could help not to become shipwrecked … because of Cape Town’s strong wind.

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Sometimes people think that the ocean around Cape Town is cold. Is this actually the case?

Let’s have a closer look at the facts. First of all it is important to know that no other kiteboarding region in the world is so multi-facetted and diverse as in and around Cape Town. This city is the only one in the world located at two Oceans. The Indian Ocean is warm and its warm waters stream from the Equator southwards along the South African coast. So the water at all beaches and kite spots in the Indian Ocean are around 25 ° Celsius.

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Sometimes people think that the ocean around Cape Town is cold. Is this actually the case?

There is a misconception around the topic of flat water in Cape Town, in particular when comparing Cape Town to Langebaan. Langebaan is a lagoon and its Main Beach has mostly chop water (a lagoon has a water surface like a lake, and this is mostly chop). There are only two very small stretches of flat water on Langebaan Main Beach, one is crowded by the pro’s if the conditions are good and there is no room for failure, because there are rocks rights next to it downwind. The other is behind the island, but you cannot fly your kite low because there is no wind the first 5m above the water surface and it is very tricky to get your board back when you lose it. So it is also not a good training ground. Otherwise you may find flat water tide-dependent for a few minutes, when low tide changes to high. Therefore Langebaan is mostly used by beginner kitesurfers in the first days, who cannot deal with waves at all. Langebaan Shark Bay is closed now. There is flat water, in low tide conditions, but sadly it is not accessible any more due to property development.

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Many Europeans worry about crime and security when traveling to South Africa. Sure, South Africa has its problems as do many places in the world, but Cape Town is by far one of the quietest and safest places in Africa. We do not have a major crime problem here. We like to consider Cape Town as a city of the rich and beautiful, with plenty of holidaymakers and tourists from all over the world. We will however, give you some advice about the do’s and dont’s upon your arrival. These are just precautionary measures, as you will receive in any city in the world.

Sunset Beach, the home of Kitekahunas, is by far one of the safest places in South Africa, so your kitesurfing in Cape Town will most probably remain undisturbed.

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Due to the fact that many Europeans kitesurfers have questions about sharks and a person’s safety in the water in Cape Town we feel we need to address the question. The stories about sharks is mostly a prejudice originating from European media seeking attention. All we know is that sharks have never been a problem for any kitesurfers here in Cape Town, and you should not be worried when visiting Cape Town for kitesurfing. There have never in history been any shark attacks at the kitesurfing beaches we visit – although we have hundreds of kitesurfers, windsurfers and surfers lying in the water for hours here. Our school children learn surfing in Cape Town during their sports education at these beaches and there has never been an incident with sharks.

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KITEKAHUNAS is lead since 2008 by German Speed Kitesurfing Champion Dr. Wolfram Reiners. An expert how to succeed in kitesurfing, and lots of experience what is good kitesurfing equipment, and what you buy and rather not.

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KITEKAHUNAS has been selected as the official school to educate professional kite pilots for green energy company OCEANERGY. To operate KITE HYDROGEN SHIPs to save the world’s nature and climate.

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KITEKAHUNAS has been selected for romantic kitesurfing holidays by Where kitesurfers meet, find travel partners, and find love.

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