Diagnosis – Do I have Surfers’ Ear?

Reading time: 2 minutes

In case you want to know whether you are affected by Surfer’s Ear, read this:

Do you often feel like water is trapped in your ears after your water sports activity? Or do you often feel ear pain after your sport such as kitesurfing/ surfing or any similar activity? Then the chance is high that you already have Surfer’s Ear, also called Ear Canal Exostosis. Other signs can be tinnitus or ringing, gurgling or fizzing sounds from your ears. If you already feel pain or itchiness in your ears, this is often a sign that you already suffer from infections caused by Surfer’s Ear and which in worst cases can lead to deafness.

To find out if you have Surfer’s Ear, you usually have to visit a doctor. But with us, you can avoid this because we can diagnose you from the comfort of your own home: Simply book an appointment with us, buy an ear endoscope and take some pictures of your own ears, send them to us and one of our doctors will look at these photos to give you an online diagnosis. Within a few days you will then get a response from us whether or not you have Surfer’s Ear and if we can help you to get rid of it.

Please note: do not use your fingers or a cotton swab to try to get the water out of your ears, it will worsen the infection and you might feel more pain. Do not use your fingers to try and feel if you have the disease – these growths are too deep in the ear canal to feel. A normal camera will not work –  you will need to use a special ear camera to take the pictures of your ear.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help youIf you suffer from Surfer`s Ear, the only permanent solution to this problem is surgery. We suggest that you waste no time and enquire today.