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Advanced Kiteboarding School
12 Beach Boulevard, Table View
Cape Town 7441
South Africa

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FAX +27 86 607 5575

Kitesurfing with kitesurfing courses

WHAT WE OFFER: KITEKAHUNAS Wave Camps - pure wave kitesurfing pleasure for 2 or 3 weeks including guidance, coaching, accommodation and transport from downwinders - a complete holiday package. Wave Camp >>

New to wave kitesurfing? Novices can take a wave kitesurfing course. Start with your twin-tip board and move over to the directional wave board, when you are ready. Wave Course >>

Kitesurfing Beginners, who really want to learn this fantastic sport in a crash course, can book our popular A+B+C+D Kitesurfing Beginner Courses. It will make you a real, fully independent kitesurfer within 2-3 weeks. More information click here for our Kitesurfing Beginner Lessons >>

Accommodation for kitesurfers in the new KITE VILLA - the ultimate kitesurfing guesthouse. Stay together and enjoy your holidays with other kitesurfers. Luxury guesthouse with swimming pool 50 meters from the beach. More information click here for our Kitesurfing Guest House >>

You can do also do freeride/ freestyle kitesurfing with us: learning to jump, rotation tricks, unhooked tricks).


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WHO WE ARE: Kitekahunas - Advanced Kitesurfing School - is based directly on the renowned Kite Beach / Cape Town, at the famous Blouberg Beach, South Africa’s premier kitesurfing spot. Kitekahunas is undoubtedly one of the best kitesurfing schools in the world. It is directed by German Speed Kitesurfing Champ Wolfram Reiners.

We are proud that KITEKAHUNAS has been selected as the official school to educate professional kite pilots for renewable energy company OCEANERGY. To operate KITE GAS/FUEL SHIPs to combat climate change.

Cape Town is different than most other kitesurfing locations in the world. Kitesurfing in Cape Town is about variety. This is why most of the best professional kitesurfers are in Cape Town during our season. Cape Town offers more than 30 superb kitesurfing beaches with a huge variety of conditions: flat water, world-class downwind passages, small waves, high waves, warm and cool water ... From October till March the wind blows better than anywhere in the world. We visit some of these kitesurfing spots during your kitesurfing course or during the KITEKAHUNAS Wave Camps. You can live in one of the apartments in the beautiful Kitekahunas Beach House directly on the beach or in one of the neighbouring Kitesurfing Accommodations in Cape Town (Table View and Sunset Beach)..

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Kitesurfing School


Looking for the most unbeatable kitesurfing holiday of a lifetime, in sun filled South Africa with beautiful beaches and Table Mountain in the backdrop? And Cape Town will entertain you with plenty of attractions to visit and beautiful people in a sizzling nightlife.

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kitesurfing courses cape town

kitesurfing courses in Cape Town

Kitesurfing is a lifestyle…

and this is what we at Kitekahunas promote. Our kitesurfing courses are designed for maximum enjoyment, developing skills in chosen areas - and giving you all the correct tools and guidance to achieve your goals. Student’s safety, lesson quality and advanced teaching methods are all part of our approach to getting you kitesurfing to the best of your ability in the safest and most efficient way possible. Courses can include:

and much more…

All courses primary language will be in English, but various languages are supported such as German and Afrikaans.

These benefits you will have with us

Your benefits when booking a beginner or advanced kitesurfing course with Kitekahunas Advanced Kitesurfing School:


Please note when reading the windforecast for Cape Town:
Windfinder does not take local jet effects into account. 13 kn are about 20 kn in reality and if windfinder predicts 20 kn the the wind will blow with 30+ kn.



Kitesurfing Lessons Cape Town


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KITEKAHUNAS has been selected as the official school to educate professional kite pilots for renewable energy company OCEANERGY. To operate KITE GAS/FUEL SHIPs to save the world's climate.

Learn Kiteboarding with Wolfram Reiners - German Speed Kiteshurfing Champion
kitesurf wave camp


KITEKAHUNAS WAVE CAMP: Great adventure - wave kitesurfing pure for 2 weeks ... from EUR 1024 for 14 days / 14 nights including accommodation, storage and transport

KITESURFING BEGINNERS: We recommend our 14-days combined A+B+C+D beginner kitesurfing course .. to make you a real kitesurfer. Kitesurfing beginners course A for 3 days from EUR 399 and 15 days A+B+C+D from EUR 2896. We have special prices for South African residents.

KITESURFING GUEST HOUSE: Accommodation in budget to luxury Kitesurfing Accommodations on the beach. Add a Wave Camp or a Freeride Downwind Camp as an optional extra. Booking slots & prices >>

KITESURFING FOR CHILDREN: Please note our special expertise for Kitesurfing beginner courses for children.

Course Details

kitesurfing beginners courseBeginners Course Module A: Learn to kitesurf. Course details >>

kiteboarding course upwindBeginners Course Module B: Preparation for the ocean. Course details >>

kitesurfing learn to jumpBeginners Course Module C: Learn riding comfortably. Course details >>

advanced kiteboarding course Beginners Course Module D: Riding upwind and transitions. Course details >>

Wave KitesurfingKITEKAHUNAS Wave Kitesurfing Course. Course details >>

advanced kiteboarding lessons womenAccent on Jumping. Learn to jump. Course details >>

kitesurfing lessonsAccent on Rotation Jumps and Transitions. Advanced rider level necessary. course details >>

kitesurfing unhookedAccent on Freestyle Advanced and unhooked rricks. course details >>

Learn to Kitesurf - Kitesurfing Beginners Course Cape Town


All kitesurfing A+B+C+D courses begin on Saturday morning and run for the duration of 15 days. All KITEKAHUNAS Wave Camps are flexible, you can begin any time. Space is limited to 7 people per Wave Camp and in the beginners courses to 2 people per instructor or private instruction to insure a highly personalized relationship with Kitekahunas' instructors and best learning results. On wind days you will have 3-5 hours of instructions. Binding terms & conditions you will find on our page prices and dates. Prices for non-kiters or non- course-participants in the Kitekahunas Beach House are EUR 55 per apartment / night (EUR 69 in Dez-Jan).

All kitesurfing courses include tuition and accommodation.
Kitesurfing Beginner Course A will include all learning materials: kites and boards, harness, helmet, impact west, wetsuit and all necessary equipment needed for learning. For all other courses, including Course B, equipment will not be included. You can bring your own equipment, or purchase or rent equipment from our Shop and Test Centre. We have best-price-guarantee. Practical tuition is subject to suitable wind and weather conditions.

Learn to Kitesurf - Beginners click here

Kitesurfing Course Cape Town
Kitesurfing Lessons Cape Town

To book your air travel package to Cape Town, you can either arrange it on your own (e.g. with South African Airways, Lufthansa, Swiss, British Airways, KLM, Air France, Emirates) or our travel agents can help you to find the best rates for your flight >>

If you wish to hire your own car for trips in your spare time, please go here >>

For kitesurfing beginners we recommend our 15-days intensive, combined A+B+D+D course.This will make you a real kitesurfer. This course starts with the worldwide standard 3 days kitesurfing beginners course A, and then our our famous course B. To really get you on the board up and riding, being comfortable riding in both directions, also in moderate waves and to be able to stay upwind and maybe even do first basic jumps. This crash course will make you a fully independent kitesurfer within 14 days. Please note that you will have to purchase or rent equipment for your course B (after 3 days). You will need it anyway afterwards to practice your new sport!